GoT’s final scenes left Lena Headey completely devastated!

Lena Heady, an actress who plays the role of Cersei Lannister in the Game of Thrones admitted how the recording of the final scenes of GoT literally made her cry. It seems like how the actors also have some deep feelings related to their roles, not just us, the fans.

We were able to watch this amazing lady acting in countless remarkable scenes. She definitely did her best ever since the Game of Thrones started. I am pretty sure you agree with that.

Lena Heady claimed how she wasn’t even thinking about how will the end of the show impact her. Yet, she has told her fans how emotionally connected she actually is to GoT.

This strong actress claimed how after she has finished the recording of the final scenes and went into her car to drive herself back home, she literally burst into tears.

Can you even imagine how actors get connected to their roles? I think how they begin to think like their roles at some moment. But, Lena Heady also claimed how there are some parts that she won’t miss. That is probably being constantly exhausted by recording. She also admitted how a few times she even told some spoilers to her friends while being drunk at the pub. We must admit how Lena Headey sounds like a really cool lady, wouldn’t you agree?

The final season is just around the corner and we are wondering what are the scenes that made Lena Heady completely devastated. Do you think how she felt that way because of the end of GoT, or was there some particular scene that made her cry later?

We can expect to see true women power in the final season of Game of Thrones. Can you guess how will the turnaround happen? Who will rule over the iron thrones? Will that be Lena Heady itself?


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